Samsung UE22H5600 22-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Slim Smart LED TV : Wifi disconnects after 1 hour exactly.

From the instant i turned on this tv i was impressed. I am a big fan of samsung televisions, a 40′ series 3 being my main set. It is six years old and not an inkling of any faults. Hence why i stuck to the same brand. The built in wifi works a treat, with the smart function this is an awesome addition to my bedroom. Fantastic amazon prime app makes this an easy choice as a second tv. Next i think my 40′ is due an upgrade.

Firstly, i have to admit that i didn’t buy mine from amazon, as it was the same price from john lewis but supplied with their famous five year guarantee. I only purchased and installed it yesterday but must say first impressions are very favourable indeed, with excellent picture quality, especially with the hd channels, and acceptable sound from such a small set – i notice some other reviewers complaining about the sound quality but you have to take into consideration that the speakers have to be, and are, pretty small and, as such, are not able to move as much air as larger ones, with the corresponding lack of sound quality. I also find the smart features of this set to be very good indeed, so all in all i rate this tv very highly indeed – well done samsung.

Your sd dvd collection is saved. . I want to talk about this set’s wonderful ability to display excellent quality pictures recorded in sd mode. I have 42′ and 32′ sets made by sony. They display a superlative picture in hd and blu ray but the picture quality delivered in sd lamentable. This is probably due to screen a size which diffuses the pixels over too great an area. The reverse is true of this samsung. The pictures it displays are clear and crisp, which makes the viewing of my extensive sd dvd collection delightful again, especially the stuff i recorded myself. I wont comment on this set’s other merits, others have done that in spades, this review is for those people who might be thinking of ditching their sd dvds and buying them in blu ray. This tv will save them a lot of money.

Key specs for Samsung UE22H5600 22-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Slim Smart LED TV with Built In Wi-Fi and Freeview HD – Black:

  • Full HD 1080p – crisper, clearer, and breathtakingly life-like picture quality
  • Samsung’s Smart Hub – Instant access to your favourite content with catch-up TV, video on demand, games and more
  • S Recommendation – get viewing recommendations tailored just for you
  • Quad Core Processor – faster access to Smart features
  • Football Mode – with the touch of a button optimize video and audio settings, feel like you’re in the stadium

Comments from buyers

“Massive Firmware update issue, here’s how to resolve it., Samsung makes great TV’s that are best in their class, Good TV but not always so Smart, The price is definitely justified by the quality and capability of the product, Good, very good and cool in white, Excellent small TV full of features.”

The quality of the picture is excellent. I actually bought it to use as a. The quality of the picture is excellent. I actually bought it to use as a pc monitor which works great at full 1080p hd. I’ve also connected a 500gb hdd to one of the two usb sockets and i can record tv from the freeview hd tuner. I also have a sony pvw 2800 betacam sp pro video recorder which i should be able to connect to the component inputs. The scart socket on the back i have connected a svhs vcr which is great for watching old tape recordings. It has lots of settings for getting the picture the way you want it. The sound is very thin and lacks any bass but it only has very small speakers which is understandable for such a slim tv. Anyway,i think it is a bargain at a £174.

Has full watch again services, unlike my more expensive panasonic, screen mirroring which is compatible with my samsung phone and reading other reviews you can network the tv with a media pc and also utilise the usb to pause and record tv. The tv is about 10 foot away from where i view it and it’s just about the right size, ideally i’d have gone for 32′ but i didn’t want it to dominate the room, which it doesn’t. Also nice and light so can be used in temporary locations. Interface is a bit slow and when you adjust the volume the on screen display looks a bit naff, still given the cost (i paid £168, new without original packaging) it cannot be faulted. Fully loaded with features and in white it fades into the furniture. Actually, it would have been nice if you could turn the red standby light off.

Bought a samsung 1tb portable hard drive. Bought a samsung 1tb portable hard drive to record programs on. Found the e-manual very complicated to set up the hard drive. In the end i just plugged the hard drive usb into the top usb port on the tv and tried to record a program. At this point it asks whether you want to format your drive. Click yes, wait a couple of minutes and your away. Wifi seems pretty good also 5g connection available. Comes with 12 warranty as standard. Can get 5 year warranties at jl and a couple of other high street stores.

One thought on “Samsung UE22H5600 22-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Slim Smart LED TV : Wifi disconnects after 1 hour exactly.

  1. Lovely Mr Tents

    This review is from : Samsung UE22H5600 22-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Slim Smart LED TV with Built In Wi-Fi and Freeview HD – Black

    Pretty good value for money with not many stand out. Bought this for my mother, pretty good value for money with not many stand out features. On to some of the negatives: * the remote buttons feel really nasty, very spongy. * smart tv features are laggy, takes at least 100ms, often more, for a button press to be reflected on the tv. * ordered a black one, was sent a white one.
    • joey
      This tv is amazing the perfect size and really quick delivery the set up for wifi was easy to do and looks great hung up in my kitchen for when i want to catch up on program’s while eating ect. The smart tv in my opinion was cheap but the build quality is of high quality and does not feel like it will break easily. The tv is very very light so you can hang it up on almost any wall.
      • Amazon Customer
        This seems to have mixed reviews, but the negative ones did not seem to apply to me. Here’s what i think: the tv itself is very light. I mounted it to the wall – but i can tell the feet would be sufficient to support it. The feet are small and hardly visible so would be essentially ‘invisible’ if used. This replaced an older samsung model with 720p. The ‘frame’ around the new model is much smaller, so you could fit this in a smaller space if needed – the old one filled the space. Be aware that, like all tv’s, it is going to have the contrast set for 100%. I won’t balance it until its on for about 50 hours, but it looks essentially the same with the contrast down to 70%.
  2. Amazon Customer
    Quality picture and the smart features with wifi link are great for streaming amazon etc.
    • P D.
      Great picture and good sound for our kitchen. Setup was so simple – just power on and answer the questions to connect wirelessly to your internet connection. The smart tv interface is good too.
  3. Jennifer

    This review is from : Samsung UE22H5600 22-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Slim Smart LED TV with Built In Wi-Fi and Freeview HD – Black

    Great wee tv highly recommended. Excellent tv so easy to set up and the screen is great. No problems hear actually thinkin of getting another on. Delivery was prompt and the price was really good.
      A ‘great’ tv with what i believe is the best picture available on the market, the sound is good for this screen size. Super price for a smart tv with freeview (also including the freeview ‘hd’ channels available). The freeview “guide” is easy to use and navigate around.

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