Avtex L187DRS 19″ 12 volt / 24 volt TV :

Key specs for Avtex L187DRS 19″ 12 volt / 24 volt TV – Satellite Tuner, Freeview, DVD player, USB PVR – Bundled with the Avtex AK853 carry case and Avtex STH-3000 Digital Aerial:

  • L187DRS: 19″ HD LED TV – built in Satellite tuner, Freeview, DVD player, USB media centre – Capable of running via the 12 / 24 volt DC battery in your touring vehicle and specifically designed with this in mind
  • Dimensions: 435mm W x 285mm H x 125mm D and it weighs 2.8Kg (with the stand) 435mm W x 260mm H x 40mm D and it weighs 2.3Kg (without the stand)
  • STH-3000: High-gain 20dB digital TV antenna – can be temporarily or permanently mounted inside or outside your touring vehicle
  • AK853: Heavy duty case designed specifically for the DRS Avtex TV range
  • Perfect starter package for your travelling entertainment system